Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that we receive.

Can you give me the contact information for ________? I really want to meet/interview them.
Sorry, we don’t give out information, under any circumstance.

Can you interview my band?
Send us your press kit so we can take a look at your stuff (publicity@stardust-ent.com). Or, if you are from Florida, make sure you check out our Local Lounge section here on the site.

I want to interview bands. Can you help me?
We’re all about helping people gain experience so send a portfolio of your writing, or send us links to other projects you have worked on (publicity@stardust-ent.com). We are always looking for legit people to help us out. Ideal candidates should poses a strong vocabulary, use proper grammar, and be atleast eighteen years of age. Be sure to indicate what it is that you are interested in doing (ie: photography, album reviews, etc).